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Devising a no-code solution for NDS Eco Motors

UPDOT helped NDS make a groundbreaking online comeback, reestablishing its position as a pioneer of India's electric scooter manufacturing industry.
Business Type
Project Team
UI/UX Designer, Webflow Developer, QA Engineer
2 Months
Service Offered
UI/UX Design
Web Development
Maintenance and Support


NDS Eco Motors is a pioneer amongst Indian Electric Vehicle Manufactures that has swiftly garnered widespread recognition with their revolutionary “go green” ethos and eco-friendly two-wheelers EVs, making significant strides in mitigating environmental impact.


  • Easily manageable web solution for seamless post-development content updates.
  • Sublime product segment to showcase product range and facilitate vehicle comparisons.
  • Exclusive map integration to display nationwide outlet locations.
  • Single-page website for one of their subsidiaries, NDS Eco Drives.
  • Comprehensive Brandbook that laid out in detail the tone of voice, typography, and all the other aspects of their brand identity.


The task at hand was to create an impactful website that showcased their electric vehicles, communicated their commitment to sustainability, and facilitated seamless user interaction – all without the need for intricate coding.


To simplify content management, our team of experts chose Webflow because of its no code-building feature. This strategic choice enables future modifications and rudimentary design updates without necessitating coding expertise. Delving deep into NDS's vision and mission, we devised a Brandbook that authentically echoes the brand's essence across both the brand book itself and the website.


With this new website, NDS Eco Motors truly transformed its digital presence and reached a wider audience across India. This streamlined not only the content management aspect for the stakeholders but also enabled the users to get better insights into the company’s products and services.
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Customer Testimonials

The engagement has been a success, as UPDOT® has played a pivotal role in the client's digital expansion. The team delivers on time and is responsive to the client's needs, collaborating in person and virtually. Their work has been impressive, so the client is eager to keep working with them.

Natish Reddy, JMD, NDS

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