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Crafting an immersive 3D car configurator using Unity

With a deep focus on realism and intricate details, we rendered top-tier 3D solutions for a prominent UK-based video tech company.
Business Type
Project Team
Project Manager, Game Designer, Unity Developer, DevOps, QA Engineer
38 Days
Service Offered
UI/UX Design
App Development


Headquartered in the UK, Synamedia is one of the preeminent video solutions providers for businesses and content owners. With a history spanning more than three decades in the field, the company has received multiple awards for its expertise in areas such as advanced advertising, streaming video platforms, intelligence-led anti-piracy, business analytics, broadband, video network cloud, and software solutions.


  • Creating an immersive car interior environment that accurately simulates a realistic in-car experience.
  • Enabling real-time customization and interaction while maintaining smooth performance.
  • Implementing various customizable options for users to explore body color, Rim design and color, tire pattern selection, day and night mode, doors open and close functionality, and much more.
  • Incorporating appropriate and synchronized sound effects to enhance user experience during interactions
  • Enabling users to pan and zoom the camera to focus on specific features when they select a customization option from the menu.
  • Implementing a slow and smooth auto-rotation of the car model to showcase it from all angles in the interactive mode.


The task at hand was to design and render a highly detailed, immersive, customizable, and realistic car model, interior, and environment. It was imperative to conduct meticulous scripting, coordination, and implementation for a smooth experience with every interactive element.


We adopted a strategic planning approach and phase-by-phase execution. The project was broken down into distinct stages and regularly tracked using Gantt charts and other project management tools. This approach facilitated regular feedback sessions with the client on a weekly basis, providing an avenue to manage expectations concerning project delivery. Our primary objective centered on crafting an unparalleled user experience by accurately replicating a realistic car interior environment within the Unity platform. We employed the collective expertise of 3D artists, Unity developers, UI/UX designers, and sound engineers to create a dynamic interface that allowed users to personalize various elements of their 3D car experience. Confronting challenges tied to instantaneous customization and smooth performance, we adopted advanced rendering techniques and optimized asset management to ensure seamless responsivenes.


As a result of our dedicated efforts, the client expressed profound satisfaction not just with the outcome but also with the way our team handled this project by regularly maintaining prompt feedback cycles, and successful management of expectations. Overall, the project's success was vividly demonstrated by the client's enthusiastic endorsement and the achievement of key performance metrics, affirming the application's efficacy in showcasing Synamedia's position within the automotive industry.
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Customer Testimonials

UPDOT® completed the pages, animation sequences, and 3D render models on time, leaving the client satisfied with the engagement. The team constantly provided progress updates and communicated via virtual meetings and emails. They were highly skilled, responsive, and reliable.

Jasmin Joseph

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